Hollowman_9781619333147_front 300x_edited-1                                  LB Cover Final                                    Surviving Prague

A terrorist’s plot, the assassination of a prime minister, holds the key to an apocalyptic plan to destroy Europe’s economy. It’s impossible to stop, but one man doesn’t know enough to know the world can’t be saved. He’s no hero; not clever or capable, talented or tested. The Hollow Man is just trying to survive in an uncertain climate where terrorism is changing the way we live.

Like a movie unfolding across the big screen, London Bridge lures the reader into a war of terrorism that casts a dark pall upon Europe, overshadowing an age of innocence. A true, literary work of the highest caliber, London Bridge is a pulse pounding thriller and only Doc, a U.S. field analyst, and his partner, Zita, an M16 agent, can unravel a terrifying plan. This mesmerizing masterpiece is loaded with action, intelligence, social and political issues wrapped up tightly with a fantastic plot and great writing. A must read book for the discerning reader.

A British MI6 agent and an American field analyst are running for their lives after being implicated in the murder of a high ranking government official. Trapped in a Communist country with no way out, the two are forced to find the killer to save their own lives. But the treacherous trail leading through the dark underworld of terrorism takes them right to the center of a plot to dominate Western Europe.

          The Hollow Man                                                London Bridge Is Falling Down                                       Surviving Prague

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